Potty Training (2:43)

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Online Potty Training

Yes, you can get puppy potty training and house training help online! This is something your puppy won’t just outgrow.

We teach people about this each and every day at L.A. School for Dogs in Westlake Village, California. Just a few tips will have you on your way to relief (all kidding aside).

  • Potty training your puppy will help you with other problems because your puppies time will be properly managed. You will be able to stop puppy biting, chewing, stealing and jumping up just to name a few because crate training is also covered as part of potty training and house training.
  • Also, when your puppy is going in the right place, they will earn more good stuff from you, and so they will be less likely to hide when getting into trouble.

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Essential for puppies 8-24 weeks of age. Prevent bad habits from forming in the first place with these proven strategies designed to capitalize on your puppy’s receptive mind!

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